About Me and My Dogs


How did I get started?

 In 2002, I began my full time welding career. My interest in TIG welding and working with metal had started years before when I taught myself to repair metal equipment on my family’s farm. My interest in art started even before that, when I was in school. Art was always something I loved, but truthfully didn't think it was a career path that could support a family. It always struck me as a hobby, and having it make sense economically didn't seem feasible. To that end, I have walked a fine line of balancing my creative impulses with the economic realities of marketing, selling, and transporting large heavy metal sculptures. 

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What is The Big Dog Show?

In 2005, I witnessed The Gates by Jean-Claude and Christo. It was a major temporary public art exhibit held in Central Park in New York City that confused and mesmerized me. It ultimately inspired me to create The Big Dog Show, a large-scale temporary art exhibit of my own, using my most beloved design at that time, the American Dog. My dream was to exhibit 100 American Dogs on the Boston Common. After much rejection, I decided I would build twenty 8ft tall by 10ft long cor-ten steel dogs to use as my proof of concept exhibition. In 2009, my twenty dogs debuted as The Big Dog Show on a six week, six city tour through three states, and since then, they have been exhibited for 22 shows in 11 different states. 

Big Dog, Steel Dog, Metal sculpture, Dale Rogers, Bone cutout, public art exhibition, temporary art

How can you get involved?

I am always interested in building new relationships and taking The Big Dog Show to new places. This exhibition has been used to raise awareness and funds for different causes across the country. It is a great tool for businesses and non-profit organizations. Please contact me to find out more about the opportunity to bring the dogs to your town!

Email: Dale@DaleRogersStudio.com